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Best Nail Polish Brands
Is wearing nail polish every day bad for nails?
It is generally bad for your nails. Try giving your nails a week break in between polishing. 

Wearing dark polishes can stain your nails. Be sure to use a strengthening base coat, this will help to both strengthen and condition the nails. It will also guard against discoloration.

Nail polish is an important part of any woman's beauty product arsenal. If you are looking for some of the best brands of nail polish, here is a good list to start with.

Chanel Nail Polish Brand
A French nail polish brand, that can be considered high end. Try the graphite and peridot colors, they are fab! Known to be long lasting on your nails, is not cheap though.

China Glaze Nail Polish
Women seem to love the crackle effect colors of this brand. You simple apply whatever color you like first, then apply a coat of crackle nail polish over the existing coat. That's when the magic happens, all you need is a light layer and you will quickly see the crackle effect. Some people complain of chipping with this brand.

Essie Nail Polish Brand
Americas Nail Salon Expert since 1981. Very nice selection of colors, goes on thin yet smooth. Does have some complaints of chipping.

Opi Nail Polish Brand
It costs a little bit more, but you can expect great results with this nail polish brand. This brand is extremely long lasting and highly resistant to chipping. Goes on smoothly, without bubbling, dries fast and is not gooey like some brands.

Pure Ice Nail Polish Brand
Huge selection of colors with this brand. Cheap brand that is surprisingly good. For the money it is probably one of the best as it offers a wide range of colors and good durability. You can easily find this one at Walmart.

Revlon Nail Polish Brand
Revlon was founded in 1932 and is today one of the largest nail polish brands. Nice color with lasting results, yet prone to some bubbling issues. Little chipping issues as long as you apply multiple coats of this product.

Sally Hansen Brand
Sally Hansen started in the business in the late 1950's, her first product was a nail protectant product called appropriately "Hard As Nails". Not only do they offer polish, they also make high quality nail treatment products. Inexpensive, dependable and reliable. Long lasting with minor chipping issues.

Shany Nail Polish Brand
Quick drying, vibrant colors and won't break the bank. This nail polish brand is a winner. A favorite brand for those who like to do nail art. They also sell nail effects, magnetic nail polish, nail glitter, nail stamping and manicure products. Some have reported occasional clumping or gooey products.

Zoya Brand
Beautiful colors on this brand, expect occasional chips. Easy online ordering of their products, free shipping on orders of $55 or more.